Homecoming 2018

In an effort to assist the undergraduate members of Sigma Phi Epsilon in maintaining their substance free chapter house and to abide by the recently implemented college community sanctions, access to the SigEp chapter house will be restricted during the 2018 Homecoming Weekend, October 5th -7th.


The chapter house will be closed to ALL non-residents during the following times:


5:00 PM on Friday, October 5th until 9:00 AM on Saturday, October 6th

5:00 PM Saturday, October 6th until 9:00 AM on Sunday, October 7th


Only those residents assigned by Monmouth College to live in the facility and on-duty residence life staff, will be permitted to enter and exit the premises during the fore mentioned dates and times.


We encourage Alumni Brothers and Guests to take advantage of the numerous locations available to socialize on and off campus.


Illinois Gamma Chapter

Alumni and Volunteer Corporation

In Partnership With

Monmouth College Office of Residence Life

Why Substance Free Facilities?


Fraternities, including SigEp, have earned a reputation of being organizations that exist to promote alcohol consumption. Our money and time are spent on parties. We are known in the media and in our campus communities as havens for drinking. That must change for SigEp. Removing alcohol from our chapter facilities sends a clear message about what we value and what we do not value.


Many brothers spend most of their time with SigEp at a chapter facility. This policy does not prevent chapters from having social events, but it does help ensure that our chapter facilities do not become havens for underage drinking. Our chapter facilities must be environments in which it is easy to do right and hard to do wrong. The policy is intended to make chapter environments safer and attract top recruits to SigEp.


Over 90% of the men living in fraternity facilities are under 21 years of age.

AVC Begins Housing Initiative

Dear Brother,

Do you have fond memories of living or socializing at the house during your time at Monmouth College?  The current house looks the same as it did when I graduated in 1988.  It is time for it to be replaced.  As part of the capital plan, the college realizes that the fraternity complex is at the end of its useful life.   Repairs and modifications are being made to keep the house usable until this part of the plan is executed.

The Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alumni Volunteer Corporation (AVC) of Illinois Gamma, along with the current active members of the house, is proactively planning to raise the capital needed to assist the college with the capital campaign for a new chapter house.  The plans are to build a separate house for each fraternity.  In order to start the design phase, a minimum of $250,000 is required.  The build phase will require a minimum of $2,000,000 designated for the SigEp house. 

The intent of this communication is to make you aware that the AVC has asked the college to set up an account to hold the funds raised specifically for a new SigEp house.  Please use the following information when directing your donations for this fund:

v  If sending a check to Monmouth College, write “SigEp House Fund” in the memo portion. 

v  If using PayPal to make your donation to Monmouth College, be sure to put “SigEp House Fund” in the comment section.   

A few brothers have already made donations to get us started and the undergraduate chapter has made a $10,000 donation pledge over the next 5 years.

If you would like to assist with the fundraising, please contact me at 

Let’s work together to raise and build the house for the long-term future of our chapter at Monmouth College.

Fraternally yours,

Pete Widolff - President,  SigEp Illinois Gamma AVC