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Illinois Gamma-Residential Learning Community recognized as one of Sigma Phi Epsilon's best

The Illinois Gamma-Residential Learning Community, of Monmouth College was recently named one of Sigma Phi Epsilon's best chapters in the nation and recognized with the coveted Buchanan Cup. The Buchanan Cup, an award for outstanding chapter performance, is named after the fraternity's former Grand President Edwin Buchanan. It is bestowed every two years for chapters excelling in all areas of chapter operations and leadership including volunteer support, recruitment, member development, academics, fiscal health and faculty engagement.  This recognition is the highest honor an undergraduate chapter can receive from the National Fraternity. This marks the fourteenth time the Monmouth College chapter has won the Buc Cup.  Among the 240 SigEp chapters across the country, only three other SigEp chapters nationally have been recognized more frequently than the Illinois Gamma-Residential Learning Community with this award.

For the rigorous application process, the chapter noted a number of efforts designed to make it a high performing chapter with superior and sustained achievement in every area of operations. The chapter outlined its efforts to maintain academic excellence and manpower. Other highlights included improving the Residential Learning Community program through the installment of a classroom and the offering of classes in the chapter house. In addition, the application highlighted the chapter's transition to online communication with alumni and undergraduate members.

SigEp's Executive Directory Brain Warren said, "Buchanan Cup-winning chapters are SigEp's very best. Their members set an example for others to emulate. They challenge us to be better men, to be balanced men. Their work is shifting the stereotypes of fraternity from drinking and parties to development and leadership."

Sigma Phi Epsilon, established in 1901, is one of the nation's largest fraternities, with over 15,000 undergraduates on 240 campuses across the United States. Its mission is building balanced men, which is achieved through a continuous member development program that has contributed to a fraternity-wide GPA of over 3.0, a focus on the principles of Sound Mind and Sound Body, and service learning efforts that allow members to develop leadership skills while giving back to the community.

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AVC Begins Housing Initiative

Dear Brother,

Do you have fond memories of living or socializing at the house during your time at Monmouth College?  The current house looks the same as it did when I graduated in 1988.  It is time for it to be replaced.  As part of the capital plan, the college realizes that the fraternity complex is at the end of its useful life.   Repairs and modifications are being made to keep the house usable until this part of the plan is executed.

The Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alumni Volunteer Corporation (AVC) of Illinois Gamma, along with the current active members of the house, is proactively planning to raise the capital needed to assist the college with the capital campaign for a new chapter house.  The plans are to build a separate house for each fraternity.  In order to start the design phase, a minimum of $250,000 is required.  The build phase will require a minimum of $2,000,000 designated for the SigEp house. 

The intent of this communication is to make you aware that the AVC has asked the college to set up an account to hold the funds raised specifically for a new SigEp house.  Please use the following information when directing your donations for this fund:

v  If sending a check to Monmouth College, write “SigEp House Fund” in the memo portion. 

v  If using PayPal to make your donation to Monmouth College, be sure to put “SigEp House Fund” in the comment section.   

A few brothers have already made donations to get us started and the undergraduate chapter has made a $10,000 donation pledge over the next 5 years.

If you would like to assist with the fundraising, please contact me at 

Let’s work together to raise and build the house for the long-term future of our chapter at Monmouth College.

Fraternally yours,

Pete Widolff - President,  SigEp Illinois Gamma AVC