The Sig Ep Difference



Sig Ep prides itself on being different because that difference has helped us come to lead the fraternity world. Sig Eps refuse to be stereotyped as "frat boys," nor its chapters as "animal houses." Sigma Phi Epsilon is dedicated to the idea that a fraternity is much more than a social organization -- it is an institution of higher learning; one that centers around the ideals of allowing one to live his best life. Sigma Phi Epsilon empowers each member to take control of their lives in order to become a balanced man. SigEp believes a sound mind in a sound body is necessary to be a balanced man.

Our chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon is not a pledging chapter. Because of its balanced man ideal we believe that upon admittance a new member has the same responsibility and impact upon the fraternity as a full brother. Therefore, a new member has full voting rights and is eligible and encouraged to run for leadership positions within the fraternity.

Our Alumni Volunteer Corporation (AVC) (alumni board) annually recognizes outstanding academic achievement awards of undergraduate members through a nomination process of eligible candidates. Alumni and friends, over the years, have supported a variety of awards, including several endowments.These gifts accord our AVC to award prizes and other scholarships, including the Balanced Man Scholarships.

We give credit to alumni like Virgil Boucher, class of '32, for his vision and resources to accord giving from the heart. Read his story and others over time as we share their story with you.

Firsts at Monmouth College:

Our chapter consistently has held the highest  GPA among fraternities on campus - going back decades! You invited to personally view our scholarship Trophies!

As a chapter, we've been honored to be named recipient 13 times as a Buchanan Cup Chapter. This award is presented every two years by our Grand Chapter to chapters nationally that exhibit outstanding attributes as a chapter. Our chapter earned their Buchanan cups in 1965, 1967, 1969, 1975, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, and 2005. Talk about the BCS all you want, Division I, within Sigma Phi Epsilon, the largest national fraternity, our chapter is ranked fourth nationally in Buchanan Cups received by a chapter. Today, over 240 chapters are present on college campuses from Coast to Coast.

Illinois Gamma was one of the first chapters to be named a Balanced Man chapter (in 1993!)

Our chapter has a storied history of Outstanding Senior Man and Outstanding Freshman Man award recipients over the years.

NATIONALLY, we believe we're the only undergraduate (fraternity or sorority) chapter in the country to accord endowed funds externally for the benefit of other Greek organizations to support and fund leadership and membership development!!! A Sorority chapter said it best,

"Our sorority chapter was indeed honored to receive a funding grant to enable an officer of our chapter to attend a leadership conference because of the Mini-Grant program. Thank you so much guys, we are appreciative and recognize it certainly came from your heart to ours!"

In a span of six decades, more than 1,000 men have activated as brothers of Illinois Gamma members. In 1978, our 500th initiate, Arnold Silvestri became a member. In 2009, Alex Wood became our 1,000 initiate.

The Best of the Best

A recent study evaluated the type of students who are identified as quality candidates any fraternity would be quite interested in meeting and seeking their interest in their fraternity! How might you score yourself?

1. Altruistic- Students who are compassion- ate and passionate about service
2. Change-Makers- Students who are not afraid of change and are excited about it
3. Passionate- Students who - get it" and really love being Greek
4. Outgoing Listeners- Students who are outgoing but still really value listening to others
5. Reliable Work Ethic- Students who are very reliable and work really hard
6. Respectful and Inclusive- Students who respect diversity and get excited about including everyone in decisions and social situations
7. Values Focused- Via religion or personal commitment they are able to articulate a strong set of values
8. Conference Attending- Students who have attended a leadership conference (although we do not know the causal effect)
9. Focus on Family Dynamics- Students are supported by at least one family member and are often members of large families, many are the oldest child
10. Involved- MEANINGFUL involvement in outside groups in high school and college, positional leadership is also important
11. Employed- Many of them are financially responsible for a portion of their education or college experience and therefore hold jobs
12. Learners- They love learning and going to class, they are not 4.0 students but they dig school
13. Mentees/ Mentors- Students have a mentor and mentor others
14. Travelers- Many have traveled extensively and abroad
15. Those That have Overcome Adversity- They have all overcome significant adversity in their young lives.