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Welcome Parents! Stay informed by joining our ChapterSpot network below. Whether your son is thinking of becoming a member or is already a brother, Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) already has and will continue to have a positive influence on your son. As a member and even as potential new member, SigEp is committed to producing well rounded gentlemen. We strive to continue to build upon the good foundation and values you as parents have instilled in your son. We as brothers of SigEp help each other academically and socially with our brotherhood. SigEp gives your son the opportunity for leaderships position at the Illinois Gamma Chapter or through contacts with our brothers throughout the country! Check your email to see if your request is accepted and contact an officer if you do not receive your acceptance within 24 hours.

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As SigEp leaders
we do not only expect questions,
but we encourage them.

The fact that you are seeing this page tells us you want to learn more!

First, you probably interested in learning more about this SigEp chapter! That's great; should you need a phone number or address, continue with these subpages to assist you with various members names and phone numbers to assistance you.

To all parents, the quickest answers for a parent regarding matters regarding your student could come from our local officers of our chapter as well as college officials, yet we know your question needs to be heard by a responsible authority and we believe we can direct your question to the proper channels. Emergency matters are best assisted through our Dean of Students office to aid in locating your son in the event you are not able to reach him. Staff numbers can be found on the Dean of Students website or Emergency numbers here.

We invite you to start with us, as our AVC (alumni board) is an outstanding resource to address your questions or refer you to other expert assistance within the college community. We will do everything we can to provide immediate information to help you learn more about us.

We invite you to request additional information on scholarships offered by Illinois Gamma, and what the experience of being a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon holds for your student or yourself, or simply wanting additional information regarding events or activities taking place here. We're happy to do so.

Perhaps you wish to make a financial gift; we couldn't be more pleased on this aspect! See $upporting SigEp to make a supportive gift to advance Illinois Gamma. We welcome the opportunity to create a naming gift to advance young men's lives while they are enrolled at Monmouth College. We are interested in your thoughts and actions.

We are excited by the interest Alumni have in renewing their ties to our fraternity, we're additionally thrilled to welcome you back to the Red Doors of SigEp - come back to MC when time permits, until then enjoy our website. We've lost touch with alumni because of an address change or move where the address update doesn't reach our national office or Monmouth College. Help us keep your information current, if you haven't as yet, please update us by completing the alumni registration section on the home page. Let us know when a move is eminent.

Prospective Parents: We want to aid in easing the concerns and address the misconceptions a prospective student may have about being in a fraternity, as well as being a resource to to you as a caring parent.