Myth: Hazing


Hazing is simply a reality among fraternities.


First, a definition.

Hazing is "any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce or that causes mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule."

Hazing is the most dangerous and destructive practice that an organization can take part in. Although many people automatically associate the term "hazing" with the idea of mistreating or abusing pledges or new members, any member can actually be a victim of hazing. North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) Fraternities have committed themselves to doing everything in their power to stop hazing and to keep it out of their member chapters.  Chapter that haze are not only operating outside of the law and their national policies but they are also to giving a false representation of the true meaning of fraternity.

If you or someone you know is a victim of hazing, in any of its forms, you are encouraged to report it immediately.  There are numerous avenues you can take, an anonymous way to report hazing is to call 1-888-not-haze, or 1-888-668-4293.

For resources related to the prevention and education efforts of the NIC and its member fraternities visit


Introductory Letter to Parents

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

Illinois Gamma Chapter
Alumni Volunteer Corporation
Monmouth College


"This Fraternity will be different; it will be based on the love of God and the principle of peace through brotherhood... its purpose shall be to intensify and perpetuate friendship and promote happiness among its members, to encourage literature and education, and to create such sentiments, mold such opinions, and perform such deeds as shall conduce to the building of a noble and pure manhood."

Dear Family Member:


As your student enters Monmouth College he will be asked to make many decisions.  What to study, where to live, who to associate with.  The decision to become a member of a fraternity may be a possibility and yet another important decision for your student to consider.
We invite your student to register on our site to allow us to begin conversations and communications with our undergraduate chapter.  He may have questions on the importance of completing (yet another) scholarship application.  We are well aware of the concern of financing a private collegiate education today.  I invite your student to apply for the Sigma Phi Epsilon Balanced Man Scholarship (i.e., free money).  Here is what it is about:


The Illinois Gamma Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon is proud to extend four Balanced Man Scholarships to incoming freshmen males who have demonstrated the characteristics of a balanced man throughout their high school careers.  Selection criteria for this award include, yet are not limited to: academic achievement, sports and extracurricular involvement, a strong, moral character, superior drive to succeed and any accomplishment that exemplifies self-awareness.
SigEp would like to recognize the most exceptionally balanced men on campus, and anticipates awarding (1) $1,000 and (2) $500 scholarship to the most balanced freshmen following Monmouth College's Matriculation Ceremony.  We encourage every young man to apply.  The Balanced Man Scholarship in no way represents a commitment or requires your student to join our fraternity in order to accept a scholarship.  This scholarship is merely a celebration of the Balanced Man ideals that Sigma Phi Epsilon has been founded upon - the presence of a Sound Mind in a Sound Body.

There is no doubt parents are concerned about the people with whom their son associates throughout his life.  In college, when their son is "on his own,"---many times for the first time---fathers and mothers are apprehensive of "letting go."


When their son shows interest in fraternities, many parents, especially those who did not have the opportunity to participate in this facet of college life, are bewildered about these organizations.  We know that you are concerned about your student and want him to have a positive experience in college. 
Our chapter and Sigma Phi Epsilon is also concerned about him and wants him to do well academically and socially.  Today, colleges and universities are incorporating the 2,500-year-old philosophy of Sound Mind, Sound Body into the way they teach, into the way they work with their students, and into the way they look at their campus environments.  SigEp is geared to align with and support this mission.
Overall, the right Fraternity can define your son's college experience as an exciting period of immeasurable growth and opportunity.  Sigma Phi Epsilon will provide for your son as much as he is willing to put into it; so if he is ambitious, responsible, motivated, and looking to better his college experience, this may be just the home for him.  Active involvement and contribution really does provide the best opportunities for social and personal growth, interpersonal skills, academics, service, leadership, and social networking.  I have seen this to be true and am encouraged by the level of outstanding achievements that are realized each years by the members of this chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon.
Our congratulations on your students' selection to attend Monmouth College and we wish him the best in his pursuit of his degree and future success.  Write or call me to learn more about SigEp.  We'd welcome to meet with you whenever you at on campus. All the best to you and your family from our fraternity!



Stephen Ehrhart
AVC President, Illinois Gamma
809 West Archer Ave
Monmouth, Illinois  61462


P.S.  Parents, we feel it is important for family members to know what our Fraternity is about before encouraging your student to become involved.  Read from our file download the facts filled edition of "A Parent's Guide on Sig Ep" and visit for additional information from our National fraternity.


*All scholarships will be credited on recipient's account.  Award will be split equally in two payments to be distributed for fall and spring semesters.


Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond College, now the University of Richmond, on November 1, 1901.  Today, the Fraternity has grown to more than 280,000 lifetime members, including over 14,000 undergraduates on 238 campuses in the United States.  SigEp is currently the largest fraternity in terms of undergraduate enrollment.