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Balanced Man Scholarship

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Illinois Gamma-RLC Chapter

Hello and congratulations on being accepted to Monmouth College! This letter is to inform you of a scholarship opportunity being extended to you as one of the newest members of our college community.

As the Balanced Man Steward for Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity I am inviting you to apply for the Balanced Man Scholarship offered by our organization.  Founded locally in 1948, SigEp is the nation’s largest male Greek organization known for promoting our sound mind/sound body initiative on college and university campuses. As members of this organization we strive to be balanced men-both physically and mentally. Each year the Illinois Gamma-RLC Chapter at Monmouth College makes substantial funds available to recognize a select few incoming Monmouth College freshmen male students whom we feel embody these values. Selection criteria for this award include, but are not limited to, academic achievement, athletics, and extra-curricular involvement.  In addition, through personal interviews we look for strong moral character, superior drive to succeed, and accomplishments that exemplify self-awareness.  This fall we anticipate awarding three Balanced Man Scholarships totaling $2,000.

I strongly encourage you to take a moment to review the enclosed Balanced Man Scholarship application and consider applying for this recognition.  Additional information and an electronic copy of the application are available at  Complete application received by June 15, 2014 will be reviewed by the undergraduate scholarship committee to identify the top finalists.  Finalists for recognition will be contacted to set up a home/phone based interview in early August. Announcement of scholarships and recognition will occur at a reception that will follow the Monmouth College matriculation ceremony on August 23, 2014.

If you would like additional information on this scholarship opportunity or about this outstanding organization, please feel free to contact me directly or visit the web link above. Finally, it is important for me to point out that your application and/if recognized as a scholarship recipient, in NO WAY creates an obligation between yourself and the Illinois Gamma-RLC Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon. This scholarship is a way for our chapter to recognize excellence, as we define it, to our peers who are most deserving. 


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Best Regards,


Cole Downey, Balanced Man Steward

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity



Class of 2018 Candidates:

Planning a visit to the Monmouth campus? Be sure to keep us in mind. We'll be honest, we don't do well with drop in visits. We'll try, but do yourself a favor as several days advance notice might allow us to fit your schedule with a brother whom shares common interests and arrange for a fraternity preview of 20 - 30 minutes.

Balanced Man Scholarship PREVIEW sessions: Informational sessions will be available during campus visit dates, student orientation and of course class registrations in June, 2015.

When scheduling your visit, seek admission assistance to include a member of SigEp into your plans at Monmouth. If you are on campus for a Saturday visit, we would welcome to be the final stop before you leave campus - depending on your schedule.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you, welcome you to Monmouth, and share our excitement for the next four years at MC.

Don't think twice about asking us questions. We welcome to hear from Mom and Dad too. Thanks for visiting, come back often to see updates! We'll keep you posted on developments.

Contact information with chapter members in on our contact page!

Personal interviews over the summer are anticipated in cities throughout Illinois and elsewhere in relation to where brothers live.