Sigma Challenge

To Adjust and Assimilate into the Chapter and Campus Community
4-6 Weeks

This challenge for new members focuses on getting acquainted with all aspects of Sigma Phi Epsilon, from the symbols to getting to know the individual members. Members in the Sigma Challenge are to develop written goals, be active in the chapter's recruitment activities, participate in community service projects, and other activities that allow a person to become acquainted with being a SigEp.

~Participate in the Sigma Rite of Passage
~Turn your New Member Registration form and fees into the V.P. of Member Development to be turned into Headquarters
~Receive your Balanced Man pin, Life Time Responsibility of Brotherhood Book, The Quest, and the Membership Development Program Guide
~Meet with your assigned Mentor and review the Expectations of the Sigma Challenge
~Join the Sigma Challenge Council and attend their weekly meetings run by the Sigma Challenge Coordinator

Expectations of the Sigma Challenge:
Complete the four week New Member Education Program where you will:
~Sign the Covenant on the inside cover of the Quest
~Complete the Sigma Challenge Action Plan in the Quest (Quest Appendix A)
~Develop three personal written goals in the Quest
~Review "Part III - Responsibility" in the Lifetime Responsibility of Brotherhood with your Challenge Council
~Review and understand the symbols of the Fraternity (Quest Appendix B)
~Know the history of fraternities, our Fraternity, and our chapter in the Lifetime Responsibility of Brotherhood Book (vii-viii, pgs. 63-164, Appendices A& B)
~Participate in the Balanced Man Project Discussion
~Complete the Milestones section of the Sigma Challenge in your Dialogue Journal (Quest Appendix E)

~In your Challenge Council, you will plan and host a brotherhood event for all the Brothers of Illinois Gamma
~Become acquainted with all the Brothers of Illinois Gamma
~Recruit your Mentor for Phi Challenge

~Participate in at least one community service project

Award for achievement: See here