Phi Challenge

To Understand the Benefits of Fraternalism
12 Weeks - 1 Year

The Phi Challenge seeks to develop balanced leaders that are active and productive within the Fraternity. Utilizing knowledge and skills gained from the Sigma Challenge, Phi focuses on group and individual leadership skills. Through hands on experience, members of the Phi Challenge are truly exposed to the values of Sound Mind & Sound Body, and seek to become better gentlemen, leaders, scholars, and athletes. Additionally, members of the Phi challenge learn the deepest meanings of our Fraternity's cardinal principles: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. At the conclusion of the Phi Challenge, members will have gained personal, social, and spiritual knowledge about the Fraternity, its members, and themselves.

The Phi Challenge, like the Sigma Challenge, involves written goals and community service, but adds much more.

~Participate in the Phi Rite of Passage
~Meet your new Mentor and review the Expectations of the Phi Challenge
~Join the Phi Challenge Council and attend their bi-monthly meetings advised by the Phi Challenge Coordinator

Expectations of the Phi Challenge:
~Complete the Phi Challenge Action Plan and develop three personal written goals in the Quest
~In your Challenge Council you will: Plan an event to address "Respect for Self and Others" issues:
i. Substance Abuse - alcohol and other drug; and
ii. Relationships - diversity, sexism, and date rape; or
iii. Health - STDs, weight, time, and money

Develop gentlemanly behavior: Etiquette or Sportsmanship
~Plan a Brotherhood event for all Phi Mentors and your Mentees
~Discuss pages 3-8, 11-25, 27-32, 37-46, 47-52, and 179-181 in the Lifetime Responsibility of Brotherhood with your Mentor
~Complete the Milestones section of Sigma Challenge in your Dialogue Journal

~Volunteer as a Mentor to someone in the Sigma Challenge
~Recruit at least one individual for consideration by Recruitment
~Participate in intramurals or leadership role in an organization
~Recruit your Mentor for Epsilon Challenge

~Participate in at least one community service project
~Be actively involved in at least one campus organization for the duration of the Challenge or represent SigEps in intramurals for one season
~Attend an IFC, Pan-Hellenic, or Executive Board meeting.

Award for achievement: See Here