Epsilon Challenge

To Explore the Issues a Servant Leader Faces
12 Weeks - 1 Year

The Epsilon Challenge is the most difficult stage of development in Sigma Phi Epsilon. Unlike the previous challenges, Epsilon encourages brothers to work individually to complete the tasks at hand. It is during this stage that most members gain leadership experience in various roles.

The Epsilon Challenge is geared to the member who is nearing graduation. In this stage, members recruit their Mentor for the Brother Mentor Challenge out of community. Values and ethics are taught, appreciation for the arts, planning of chapter activities, and serving as a leader in another organization are all involved in the Epsilon Challenge. Members in this challenge design and implement an individual service project of at least 30 hours. By completing the Epsilon Challenge, members truly become more balanced men, engaged in sound mind and sound body activities, actively prepare for life after college.

~Participate in the Epsilon Rite of Passage
~Meet your new Mentor and review the Expectations of the Epsilon Challenge
~Join the Epsilon Challenge Council and attend their bi-monthly meetings advised by the Epsilon Challenge Coordinator
~Receive your Founder's badge

Expectations of the Epsilon Challenge:
~Complete the Epsilon Challenge Action Plan in the Quest and develop three personal written goals in the Quest
~In your Challenge Council, you will:
~Plan an experiential learning event to address Values and Ethics (see Lifetime Responsibility of Brotherhood pgs. 57-62; 183-212 and The Lexicon) or Assist in planning a semester chapter retreat
~Plan a Brotherhood event for all Epsilon Mentors and your Mentees
~Enhance your appreciation for the arts(language, classics, fine arts)
~Complete the Milestones section of the Sigma Challenge in your Dialogue Journal
~Recruit your Mentor for the Brother Mentor Challenge

~Participate in planning a chapter service project
~Recruit at least one individual for consideration by Recruitment
~Volunteer as a Mentor to someone in the Phi Challenge
~Recruit your community Mentor for the Brother Mentor Challenge

~Complete 20 hours of community service with a minimum of 10 hours done in chapter philanthropy
~Serve as an involved leader in another organization for the duration of the Challenge or represent SigEps in intramurals for one season
~Enhance your knowledge of at least on aspect of community operations, such as attending a city council meeting or community meeting.

Achievement Award: See Here